Wild Tiger viewing (India, multiple national parks)

Wild Polar Bear viewing (Churchill, Manitoba, Canada; or cruising out of Norway)

Lions (East & South Africa, India)

‘The Big Five’ (e.g. African Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Leopard) – (multiple areas, notably East (Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana) & Southern Africa (South Africa, Zambia)

Whales (numerous areas, notably Baja, Mexico; Maui Hawaii; Alaska; South Africa)

Wild Panda Bears (China)

Wild Mountain Gorillas (Uganda, Rwanda)

THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS (famed research area of Charles Darwin; many animals and sealife to be found here, unique to anywhere else in the world; visit by ship.

Famed Lipizzan horses: visit their breeding farm in Slovenia

Penguins (South Africa, Antarctica)

THE GREAT BARRIER REEF (Australia, largest coral reef in the world, with fantastic sealife viewing)