A Rhine River cruise to see the romantic river castles & small towns of Germany, France

A trip to Rajasthan, India, staying in hotels that were Maharajas’ palaces!

Myanmar (Burma) with a boat trip up the Irrawaddy River to see thousands of Pagodas – truly a place barely touched by time!

A Nile River cruise in Egypt to see 3,500 year-old ancient Egyptian temples & tombs

Morocco: staying at unique ‘riads’ (vintage private homes with courtyards turned into small boutique hotels-unique!)

Croatia: a true travel ‘hot spot’ now; beautiful beaches and islands with ancient monuments and charming, old-world towns; and don’t forget Dubrovnik – the 1200 yr- old walled medieval city that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Dubai: stay at a 7 star hotel, visit a huge man-made Island (Palm Island) and have a private dinner- complete with barbeque, hookahs, and falconry demonstration or belly dancer, on the golden sands, far away from everybody and under the stars of the Arabian sky!

Learn to cook like a local! (Numerous destinations: Petra, Jordan; Tuscany, Italy; Hong Kong; Paris, France; Cannes, France; Marrakesh, Morocco; Cairo, Egypt, join in the grape or olive oil harvests in Jordan, Italy, France, Greece; and so on!) We can arrange any of these for you!

Learn photography (numerous destinations all over the world; we can arrange for you to join an organized tour or set up your own private travel with a professional photographer along!)

Learn your ‘roots’ – we can assist you in setting up private arrangements to visit the lands of your ancestors – particularly appropriate for extended family groups!

CUBA: Yes! Americans can now travel there, with certain restrictions/guidelines – contact us!

Bali, Indonesia (the only ‘Hindu’ island in Indonesia; famous for its artwork and mystical spirituality; not to mention fabulous scenery and vistas, and deluxe resorts with private plunge pools and bedrooms open to nature!)